The Casa de Valmarinha can host 12 guests with high comfort standards, thanks to its four double bed bedrooms and its mezzanine area with three individual beds. All bedrooms have their individual charm with first class finishes and large dimensions.

The “Blue room” is an spacious, over 20m2, double bedroom with reading area and fireplace. Moreover it is its terrace with an astonishing view over the sea and garden that give it the privileged sensation of  privacy. The terrace is ideal for morning breakfast of reading in the sun.

One level down is a room with over 15m2, a double and a single bed, with two embedded wardrobes and conformable sofa corner lit by its two large windows that open it onto the surrounding landscape.

quarto-cima2 quarto-cima4

On the bottom floor, stands a double bedroom with beautiful visible wooden roof structure and a privileged access to the garden and pool. Just open the door and the grass is becomes part of your scenery; even if you are still in bed.

quaro-baixo-3 quaro-baixo-2

This peculiar double bedroom is a small nook (5m2) with a double bed and a window that lets the breeze and aromas in when desired. Contiguous to it is a private charming living area with almost 20m2.

This living room also gives access to the mezzanine where 3 individual beds will make your children’s day! A sense of privacy that is easily controlled.

quarta-camarata quarta-camarata3 quarto-camarata2 quarto-camarata-saleta

The house also holds two full independent bathrooms.