The Casa de Valmarinha is located in Almoçageme, in the heart of the hills of Sintra. It holds a staggering view upon the sea, and it is only two steps away from the beach. This old agricultural place of noble past was successfully transformed 20 years ago into its owners’ vacation house.

jardim6The property went through some recent reconstruction works that finished in 2013. Part of the property is still used exclusively by the family of the owners. The other areas, amounting to nearly 300 square meters, consist of a garage, two spacious living rooms, five different bedrooms, a kitchen, duty areas, a flowery garden and a big pool. In sum, a fantastic place for up to 11 guests to share the owners privilege of enjoying summer in this beautiful vacation house.

Let us describe the place in more detail.

The house has two large living rooms. The first one has 50m2, with a beautiful floor made out of granite blocks, where a monumental wine press reflects the house’s past. The second one has its windows turned to the garden and sea through a modern glass facade. There are many chairs, couches and tables, which makes the area ideal to host meals and barbecues next to the pool, in a relaxing summer weekend.






The garage has enough space for two or three cars to park, and the kitchen was completely rebuilt in 2013, being well furnished with all necessary and modern equipments, machines and cutlery.


wc4Last but not the least there is the garden, beautifully composed by an extended grass field, with covered areas from the sun for possible shaded breakfasts or lunches. A nice pool stands side by side to an old threshing-floor, with a magnificent view to the sea. It is the ideal location to make the likes of both parents and sons alike.